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Infertility has many reasons and the ways of combating the same are also innumerable. It happens in many cases that even after trying to gauge the exact cause of infertility; either the doctors are not able to do much or the patients may not respond well to the prior infertility treatments given. It is in this context that IVF treatment is important; this is a medical procedure which is generally touted as the last step in the infertility treatments.

IVF treatment or Test tube baby is some what more expensive and takes more time than the rest of the infertility treatments and because it has a very high success rate, therefore it is the last step which is resorted to when all other treatments have failed. However, you must realize that this is not a casual treatment given to just everyone. Call it a last resort because it is usually administered only when all other methods failed.
Ivf fertility is a procedure wherein the eggs from the female partner are retrieved and they are fertilized with the male sperms in a lab, and then the embryo so produced is transplanted back to the woman. Prior to ivf fertilization procedure, lot tests and ultrasounds are carried on the woman to gauge whether or not she is afflicted with ovarian cysts or any other problem which may not be favorable for the fetus. After the doctor is convinced about the condition of the female partner, then only does he proceeds with the procedure.

IVF treatment is also the best bet in cases of unexplained infertility. Infertility has a plethora of causes, some of which may lie with the female partners and some with the male partners. At times, even after carrying out a multitude of tests, it gets impossible for the doctor to gauge the exact cause of infertility, and in such cases test tube baby process is the best process. It not only helps the female partner to conceive but it also throws light upon the probable causes of infertility.

So just in case you were on a look out for remedies to combat your infertility treatment, do not forget to ask your doctor regarding test tube baby procedure. This is a treatment which will not only bring enormous joy and smile in your lives, but would also do away with years of drudgery and hopelessness.
IVF Treatments are More Successful When Using Donor Eggs
The rate of success for ivf procedure goes down significantly with a woman's age so most fertility doctors recommend that donor eggs be used in order to maintain the 40-45% chance of live birth. This particular choice is often a controversial point especially for couples who want children that are 100% biologically related to them. In any case, if it is your intention to get pregnant and increase the chance of going all the way to the delivery, this is one option that should at least be considered and explored.

Just always remember that ivf process is not a guaranteed procedure to succeed. There is only a percentage attributed to how well it may go. However, the procedure can be repeated until it goes smoothly. During the fertilization stage, several embryos may be formed. Some of these, if they are high quality, may be preserved and used in the future.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Infertility Treatment Has Given New Dimensions to the Dream of Having a Child

Infertility is that condition when a couple is not able to conceive a child naturally, even after continued efforts. However, it also points out to a condition of a woman when she is not able to carry a pregnancy for its complete term, there is termination of pregnancy due to some reason.

The infertility problem or the cause of infertility can be divided into-

There are hundreds of reasons behind male and female infertility and their treatment depends upon the type of the problem. 

Few of the common causes of infertility among men are-

o Smoking
o Alcohol
o Drugs
o Genetic disorders
o Environmental factors
o Less semen formation
o Age, etc.

However reasons behind female infertility are much more complex in nature. Some common female infertility problems are
o Blockage in fallopian tube
o Uterine fibroid
o Urine infection
o Poor diet and nutrition
o Genetic problem

The number of causes of infertility are countless and excessive research and tests are done on the patients by the doctors to know the exact reason due to which they are not getting pregnant. Sometimes even after a series of medical tests for infertility, doctors fail to discover or understand the exact reason of their patient's infertility problem. This condition is medically termed as unexplained infertility problem.

There are a number of treatment procedures available for couples facing infertility problems. Some of the most important ones are:

Assisted Reproductive Technology

    - TESA

     Egg Donation
    Sperm Donation
    Embryo Donation

Among all these treatments IVF treatment is the most costly and advanced one. Couples who are not able to have a baby through other possible treatments go for IVF treatment and IVF preparation. And we can consider it as the final option of infertility treatment.

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