Thursday, 20 June 2013

Infertility Treatment Has Given New Dimensions to the Dream of Having a Child

Infertility is that condition when a couple is not able to conceive a child naturally, even after continued efforts. However, it also points out to a condition of a woman when she is not able to carry a pregnancy for its complete term, there is termination of pregnancy due to some reason.

The infertility problem or the cause of infertility can be divided into-

There are hundreds of reasons behind male and female infertility and their treatment depends upon the type of the problem. 

Few of the common causes of infertility among men are-

o Smoking
o Alcohol
o Drugs
o Genetic disorders
o Environmental factors
o Less semen formation
o Age, etc.

However reasons behind female infertility are much more complex in nature. Some common female infertility problems are
o Blockage in fallopian tube
o Uterine fibroid
o Urine infection
o Poor diet and nutrition
o Genetic problem

The number of causes of infertility are countless and excessive research and tests are done on the patients by the doctors to know the exact reason due to which they are not getting pregnant. Sometimes even after a series of medical tests for infertility, doctors fail to discover or understand the exact reason of their patient's infertility problem. This condition is medically termed as unexplained infertility problem.

There are a number of treatment procedures available for couples facing infertility problems. Some of the most important ones are:

Assisted Reproductive Technology

    - TESA

     Egg Donation
    Sperm Donation
    Embryo Donation

Among all these treatments IVF treatment is the most costly and advanced one. Couples who are not able to have a baby through other possible treatments go for IVF treatment and IVF preparation. And we can consider it as the final option of infertility treatment.

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