Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Affordable Infertility Treatments in Kerala

What is infertility ?
Infertility - a pathology of the reproductive system, characterized by the inability of a sexually active couple not using contraception, to conceive a baby for a year. According to WHO statistics, with the manifestations of the disease in the reproductive period, it faced about 8% of households. The high prevalence and high social significance of fertility make it one of the most pressing problems facing modern medical science.

It is important to understand that the diagnosis of "infertility" does not mean that the couple can no longer have children. Timely detection of the causes of disease and responsible approach to the implementation of all recommendations of the physician in most cases to help patients overcome the disease and to conceive a baby.

Causes of infertility

The causes of infertility can be subdivided into three groups:

Irregularities in the female reproductive system;
Failures in the male reproductive system;
Combined disorders.

Among the most common causes of infertility in women include:

  • The absence of fallopian (uterine) tubes or obstruction;
  • The formation of adhesions in the area of ​​small pelvis;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Absence of the uterus;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Congenital or acquired diseases of the uterus;
  • The presence of antibodies to sperm (immunological infertility);
  • Chromosomal abnormalities;
  • Psychological factors.

 Infertility Treatment

In turn, the male infertility is called a combination of factors, the possibility of depriving a man to impregnate his partner. The reasons for failures of the male reproductive system may appear:

  • ejaculatory disorders (including complete absence of ejaculate);
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • anatomical changes in the structure of the genital organs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • damage to seminiferous epithelium;
  • the presence in the body of autoimmune antibodies to sperm;
  • inflammatory processes affecting the organs of the urogenital system;
  • STDs.

Combined call this infertility couples in which both women and men have health problems in the reproductive area.

Signs of infertility

the signs that indicate the development of the pathology are:

  •  the absence of menstruation;
  • violation of ovulation (menstrual irregularities);
  • changing hair (hirsutism, poor hair growth in the area of the pubis and armpits, vertical body hair pubis);
  • Increased oiliness of the skin, the presence of persistent acne;
  • masculine body build, underdeveloped mammary glands;
  • the presence of several spontaneous abortions in history;
  • a sharp decrease in weight or obesity;
  • identification of the syndrome of hyperprolactinemia.

Infertility Treatment

As in any other disease, the most important thing here is to identify, prevent and eliminate the very vcause of infertility. This procedure may include a number of sub-procedures: vyrovnivanie hormonal levels, recovery of tubal patency, removal of tumors, removal of endometriosis, etc. It is very important to choose the right specialist in your location. In the treatment of female infertility  is required. Modern medicines leave woman with chances to concieve. You can use the method of artificial insemination, in which your egg will be delivered through physical  intervention sperm donor.

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