Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Are you facing infertility problems ?

Fertility is the natural ability to produce the children and the fertility rate is the number of children per mating rate. In general the woman’s fertile period is the day of ovulation and choosing the most fertile time to get conceived is the correct decisive factor of a woman.http://www.vijaya-ivf.com/contact-us.php

Normally every couple thinks that they will never get pregnant after 1st year of unsuccessful try. But that's not the case. Age plays an important factor to decide whether to get testing and treatment for fertilityproblems.

whatcauses infertility?- from uneven ovulation to poor diet practice and the prime problem- Male factor. Couples being aware of the latest reproductive technology seeks and often receive the help they need.

Infertility in females is affected by the her age and it reaches the peak in the early and mid 20's and there after it starts to decline . The advanced maternal age also causes an increased risk of female infertility. Also the well known factor relates to the infertility is the stress. Studies have found the evidence that preconceived stress plays a major role in infertility.

Woman with high gauge of alpha-amylase – indicator of stress measured in saliva -have 30% less chance of getting pregnant compared to woman with low levels of this indicator.
Scientists are devising the idea of practising yoga, meditation and other stress reducing techniques to combat stress among woman who finds difficult to get pregnant.

But stress is not the only reason to be blamed for, as there may be other factors too like chromosomal abnormalities which results in infertility among woman.
Is it the stress over the infertility or infertility because of your stress came first? Still its a complicated issue.

Male Infertility :

Male infertility refers to the incapacity of a male to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female and is common because of deficiencies in the semen. In about 40% of infertile couples the male partner is the only cause of the incapacity to conceive. Its of great importance to have the fertility test for men as well.

Inherited disorder, hormonal imbalance or condition that blocks the passage of sperm may be the reasons for the male infertility. Discovering male infertility early may lead to a successful pregnancy.

Thanks to the advancements in the Assisted reproductive technology (ART)-where most infertility issues can be treated with the latest treatments like IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) or ICSI(Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).Success rates increase with IVF.


Having the distinction of achieving the first test tube baby of Kerala, Vijaya Institute of Medical sciences have IVF and other ART services and this centre is among the first few centres in India to set up successfully and achieve pregnancies using the ICSI technique.

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