Friday, 10 April 2015

Summer Tips for infertility Couples

This summer is really a challenging time For couples struggling with infertility. Usualy in this summer there are family reunions,vacation,parties ... here all they reminders  baby.And when your friends or family announcing their pregnancies and then ask about yours, it can feel unbearable. While everyone else is celebrating summer and sunshine,it can be a very lonely time for couples wanting to conceive.

Here is some tips to enjoy your summer

 Try to make good responses such as 'Not yet, but we’re hoping to expand our family soon' for       your families question about a baby. 

 Spend time as couples and be connect in new and different ways.

 Get outside and enjoy the summer and the longer days.

 Talk about things that are not related to your infertility concerns. Even you need to talk about  your feelings, Support one another,  Discussing  about your feelings may brings you closer and  relieves  the tension.

 Remember you are not alone,be in connect with others who have similar to your experiences.  Friendships and good advice comes from others, who  have traveled through the same road.

 Stay positive and know that there are many treatment options are available to overcome    infertility

 If you are just beginner in this path, learn about the options for infertility treatments by attending a fertility screening camp or consult with a fertility specialist through the best fertility specialist Vijaya Fertility Clinic IVF and Endoscopy Centre Cochi.
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