Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Best Infertility Treatment in Kerala

Many of us are unaware of infertility. So let us start with what it means? How does it cause? Infertility is nothing but the incapability of a couple to have pregnancy even after having proper sex without using any precautions. There are multiple reasons for this problem. In some couples, the result is seen very fast while in some couples, it is slow. So it is advised to consult a doctor only after one year of unsuccessful attempts.
Possible Reasons for Infertility
Generally, to conceive, a woman needs an egg permeated by a sperm. In this process, both egg and sperm should be healthy. If a male has the capability of producing a sample of semen containing enough number of sperms as prescribed, then the morphology and motility are said to be in normal condition and the male considered as normal.
In general, ovulation in woman takes place prior 14 days of the period. If the woman gets periods maintaining regular intervals then it is easy to get the ovulation time. An ovum has 24 hours lifetime whereas sperm has more lifetime compared to the ovum.
If this process is not carried well, then it may cause  infertility.
Main Causes
There are mainly two types of causes for infertility viz., hormonal disorders and diseases. Now let us know about hormonal disorders first. There are mainly five types of hormonal disorders which cause infertility. They are:
Thyroid – It is the reason to multiple things like heavyweight, irregularity in periods, excess bleeding during periods, abortion and anovulation.
Pituitary Hormone problem – Lack of pituitary hormones causes hyper gonadotropism. This problem is seen in the case of premature ovarian failure.
Insulin – If a high imbalance is seen in ovulation related hormones reasons irregularity in periods, unwanted hair growth, anovulation causing infertility.
High level of Prolactin – If prolactin level increases in a woman, it causes irregularity of periods, anovulation etc. While in men, it declines libido. These two can be treated using medicines.
Adrenal Hyperplasia – Sometimes adrenal hyperplasia also termed as a reason causing infertility.


Other than hormonal imbalances, infertility is also caused due to some diseases like polycystic ovaries, peritubal adhesion, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis etc. Pelvic inflammatory disease followed by D&C process for abortion causes tubal blocking resulting tubal infertility. Picking up of ovum through tube becomes difficult due to peritubal adhesion.

All the above-listed causes are main reasons for infertility. All these can be cured by taking treatment from an infertility specialist. There are many infertility specialists across India. Among all, infertility specialists of Kerala are famous for this treatment. You can expect 100 percent cure from them. So make your life complete by taking treatment from Infertility specialist Kerala.

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